Inside my life there are several pillars;

My family has grown continuously, and since I met David more than 15 years ago three little persons have come to fill every minute of our days with happiness. We’ve also tightened our links with Tallo, Bellver and la Cerdanya to a point in which they are much more than simply the place we live in. The school, our children’s friends and there parents, our coworkers, the local PTA, the local storekeepers and our neighbors all form part of a great family…and if we had to move now it would not be easy for us. The life quality we’ve achieved here is pure gold.

The Mountain

The mountain is very useful to get to know yourself in the most natural and organic way possible. Since I was a little girl, I’ve always felt the need to walk alone in the mountains, to interact with nature and live it fully. Nature and the mountains that contain it, are the best place to find time for yourself, to think, even to isolate yourself….to discover new sensations and environments. On the other hand I’ve also lived the mountain as a personal challenge. All the events I’ve taken part in (mountain marathons, ski mountaineering, adventure raids, ski touring, vertical kilometers…) have helped me overcome, find boundaries that other surroundings won’t allow me to find, and as a result feel satisfied after a great race, raid, climb or descent from a summit. I’ve felt proud of myself when I’ve been able to overcome distances, inclines, technical difficulties, running, cycling, rowing…or, for example, when I climbed and came down from el Aneto from Benasque in 5 hours. But all these achievements weren’t to demonstrate others my capabilities and abilities, but to realize what my full potential is; the limitless spirit to overcome, and to feel the personal satisfaction of finishing a tough event. The mountain tests you, finds you and you discover yourself.


Work has also been paramount in my life. Even though a have a degree in biochemistry from the UAB, I’ve always felt the call to help people and loved the wilderness. As a firefighter I’ve found a unique balance, and since I was a rookie in 2000 I’ve been taking part in all sorts of services, most of them very gratifying. In 2007 I was promoted to the search and rescue squad and since then I’ve been much more connected to the mountain. Every day I go to work reminds me of how lucky I am!

My favorite everyday quote is:
Carpe diem
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