How does she train? When? Where? What are her experiences? These and other questions are answered in this section. Here we describe workouts that, because of the demands, location or particularities are worthwhile to share with other athletes.

She lives in Tallo, a small village very close to Bellver de Cerdanya that allows her to train in many disciplines such as:

- Ski mountaineering in the Tossa d’Alp, Molina, France (Porté, Puigmal and Cambres D’Aze) sector.
- Cross country skiing (when threes snow) in Lles or Aransa or sometimes n France in La Calma and La Llosa.
- BTT and Cyclo-cross in trails around her town, such as Vall d’Ingla, de Pi, Baltarga, Prats, Cadí...There are truly unique single tracks.
- Road cycling: on all the roads in the Vall de Cerdanya, Collada de Toses and sometimes in France; Llo, Font Romeu, Mont-Louis, Les Angles, etc. And when she has to develop endurance she’ll ride, for instance, the Palhieres tour or the Puymorens.
- Running: Around town and all over the Cerdanya “playground”.
- In line skating in the Collada de Tosses, from the village of la Molina to the summit.
- Swimming and free weights at the Puigcerdà sports center.

She trains 2 to 3 hours per day which implies having 4 free hours per day (because you have to take into account the trips, showering, changing etc.) Her time is well organized, and the mornings she doesn’t have to work, everything in her home is as in boot camp!

In regards to her diet, she tries not to commit excesses with anything, eat a little bit of everything and if, occasionally, she wants an ice-cream, or candy, or a doughnut she eats it, but tries not to abuse. What she does keep an eye on, are her vitamisn and iron because with such an amount of wear, it’s easy to age quickly!

She has competed in many different events, and because she is a woman, it was easier to be in front, unfortunately, there is far less competition than between men, and this impacts on the level of women versus men. But by no means does this diminish the merits of everything she’s accomplished, and the effort and tenacity she’s had to put to reach her goals were all the same, even in some occasions more because of the lack of funding and logistic help to find material, places to trains, etc.

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