Emma has been competing internationally for over 15 years in adventure raids, triathlons, marathons, etc. Gathering along all these years’ she can share exceptional and valuable experiences with all kinds of audiences.

She got her degree in biochemistry in 1996, became a professional firefighter in 2000, took part in her first international adventure raid in 1997 and had her first baby in 2006.

Adventure raids are multidiscipline sport events where you are pedaling, running and rowing for three days resting only 2 hours every day. These kinds of events take the human body to its physical and metal limit, and you reach to conclusions you would reach to in your everyday life.

She can share her experiences in adventure raids, travelling all over the world and getting to know in depth different cultures, or from her knowledge as a biochemist, or from her experiences as a mother of three, or from her expertise as a professional firefighter.

The last ultra-endurance events she has taken part in have been the raid world championship (which she won), the marathon des sables (where she finished in second place) and the Niece Ironman (where she finished first in her age group and ninth overall). These three experiences, on there own, are enough to share many different accounts.

She’s tried out many different fields, always carrying the handicap of being unusual, a woman, singular ... later she has had a lot of successes and disappointments all of which have been useful to mature, improve, be happy...

She can adapt herself to different subjects related to the world of ultra-endurance sports, to her life as a mother, a biochemist or firefighter. She’s always tried to pass on values such as effort, perseverance, team work, and personal improvement.

In every lecture Emma gives, she leaves no one indifferent, but on the contrary she addresses many stereotypes, cultural attitudes and preconceived ideas much more extended than many people would think.

Being able to share also serves as a way to open new ways.

She can deliver lectures in Catalan, Spanish and English on the following subjects always adapting to the clients needs:

Team work
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The experience of having to work in a team as a firefighter in extreme situations, or being part of a team in a raid where you spend many days without eating or sleeping well. The importance of a good communication, of having common targets, of the individual and group security...having the keys to obtain cohesion, to be a good leader, and a good team manager.

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Find out how important suffering and making an effort is to achieve specific goals that, otherwise, seem almost impossible to achieve. You have to fight so that the end result tastes sweeter, and if in the end you fail know that you’ve given your 100%.

Perseverance and overcoming
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Without the willpower and insistence to finish an event, to carry out a recovery to the best of our abilities, to try to be a bit better everyday, we wouldn’t get out of our house. Many raids that have been on the verge of becoming a failure have been saved through sheer perseverance and the will to d things well, to finish what one has started and to fight till the end.

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How to manage a team so that, in extreme conditions, it doesn’t fall apart, it finds the motivation to continue and feels united. A leader must know how to command, and at the same time how to transmit what the others want to hear as long as it isn’t detrimental to the team. Leading isn’t easy, but it’s necessary so the team performs at its max.

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Every great achievement, effort or service has its difficulties. How to overcome the critical moments, how to motivate the team and have enough self-confidence to move foreward.
How to overcome you physical and mental boundaries and move on. ¿What moves us to survive ourselves?

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