Emma Roca

Born in Barcelona in 1973, married, mother of three children, graduated in Biochemistry, professional fire fighter, specialized in search and rescue for the Grup de Rescat de la Generalitat de Catalunya (GRAE). She has taken part in Triathlons, Duathlons, Mountain Marathons, Ski mountaineering and, above all, adventure raids, which are her great passion and of which she won the world championship in 2010. Her last projects have been the Niece Ironman and the Marathon des Sables, in which she achieved great results.

She´s able to combine being a mother, a professional firefighter and an elite athlete by balancing her schedule minute to minute. She has great brands that sponsor her and thanks to them, she´s able to optimize here performance.

Rescue firefighter
As a rescue firefighter, it’s crucial for her to be at a top physical condition every day to be able to give 120% of herself in order to help people that are in trouble up in the mountain.
As a biochemist she knows about all the little body reactions, and tries to live a healthy and balanced life in compliance with her daily energetic needs. She has finished her dissertation and is now working on her thesis on the physiological and biochemical profile of an ultra-distance athlete.
As a mother, and David’s wife, she gives and receives love, and needs nothing else in her life. Her three children are the main motor in her life, and make every day of her life a great adventure raid.
As an athlete she has discovered her physical and mental boundaries, learning where her reachable limits lie, and applies a daily discipline that helps her achieve many personal and sporting goals.
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